What version of Kodi do you use?

We use the latest version of Kodi (16.0) which includes the most popular add-ons.

How do I access Kodi once I receive my fire stick or fire tv?

You will access Kodi through the Settings Tab of your Amazon Home page. I give easy instructions how to access and start enjoying your firestick!

What do I need to use this device>?

You need high speed internet, and a TV with a HDMI outlet.

Are PPV events, live sports, live TV, etc. available?

Yes. Everyone of our Fire Sticks comes pre-installed with an add on for every one of these. After you purchase you will receive an instructional guide on how to use the Fire Stick.

What else can I watch?

You can watch just about anything with our Fire Sticks. From movies that may still be in theaters to your favorite movie as a child. Miss last nights episode of your favorite show? Well you will be you will be able to watch it on Kodi! Movies, TV, HBO, Live TV, Live Sports, PPV its all there!


Not all add-ons will work all the time. That's simply not how the system is designed. Add-on's will occasionally go down for repair or updates and they sometimes can take weeks to come back up. Rarely an add-on might close down for good. But there is nothing to worry about because we install several add-ons that do the same thing and provide you with the same content. If one goes down, there are several to take its Place.

Any unanswered questions?

Just use the Contact Form to email us! We have sold hundreds of these to happy and repeat customers since August 2015. If you are a returning customer, please contact us for a discount code!